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Americana Quartet (2008)

  • Commissioned by Chamber Music Palisades (Delores Stevens and Susan Greenberg, co-founders and directors) in 2008, Americana Quartet began its development when I was fortunate to have been granted a residency at the Ucross Foundation in Wyoming in the fall of 2007. An idyllic setting for creative thought, the environment at Ucross is perfectly suited to freely allow thoughts to gather, develop, throw away, discover, re-discover, blossom and develop. In addition to the blissful energy of discovery, the Ucross Foundation is situated in the high mountains/desert plains of North Central Wyoming. Antelopes and deer freely roam; birds soar and, unfortunately, sometimes hunters hunt. Through the combination of experiences, seeds of this work developed and were formed The western/ Appalachian feel of the fiddle tune and rhythmic playfulness of the piece emerged. Then, from Wyoming and its idyllic setting, I went to New York with its jazz flavored energy and influences. What could be more American than Boogie Woogie and Appalachian flavors. Hence, Americana Quartet came into being. The works is approximately 12 minutes long and can be performed in sections, although it is preferable to perform it in its entirety for the full Americana experience
  • flute and string trio: violin, viola, 'cello
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