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Animalogy (n.) (2006)

  • ANIMA-in Jungian psychology, the true inner self as opposed to the outer persona. Animalogy (n.): The not-very-serious study of the many varieties of animals found in their natural habitats in and around the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska as viewed through the eyes and ears of this human animal/composer during her myriad adventures throughout the area. A musical portrait of the various creatures living and procreating in the Kenai Peninsula including, but not limited to, the many varieties of birds, bald eagles, bears, moose(s), sheep, wolves, and sea life that inhabit this spectacular piece of real estate. It is up to you, the listener and performer, to catch glimpses of the various animals as they go about their daily tasks and pleasures. Animalogy was commissioned in 2006 for the Continental Harmony Project, Alaska, generously funded by the National Endowment for the Arts and The American Composers Forum. It is the middle movement of An Alaskan Symphony that is scored for full orchestra, woodwind quintet and choir and orchestra. Animalogy was premiered at The Pratt Museum in Homer, AK June 16th, 2006. The complete Alaskan Symphony was premiered in Homer and Kenai, Alaska in April of 2007 by the Kenai Peninsula Orchestra and choirs under the direction of Mark Robinson. Animalogy is a winner of the 2007 Aeros Quintet Competition and will be performed in Carnegie Hall's Zankel Hall on May 5, 2008.
  • woodwind quintet
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