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Courage (2000)

  • A bold, powerful works, rhythmic and melodic with underlying snare drum military-like heartbeat. Opening melody from the brass is taken over by the woodwinds and then the strings. Easy to moderate for strings, more difficult for horns but worth it! Piccolo players love this piece. An outgrowth of my battle with Breast Cancer, Courage speaks to the strength in all of us to overcome adversity in our lives. Particularly suitable for patriotic programming as well as an opener for most any concert. Most recent performances include The Houston Symphony, Kirk Smith conducting, The Hewlett-Packard Symphony Orchestra and The Cherokee Symphony. The Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra has performed it many times, as have numerous other community and youth orchestras including The Dubuque Youth Orchestra, Brian Hughes conducting, The Kona Chamber Symphony Orchestra with Ken Staton conducting, and Northern Arizona University Symphony under the direction of Kirk Smith.
  • 2222 4331 2 perc, timp, stgs
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