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CT. Tango Nuevo (2007)

  • An adaptation of LA Tango Nuevo, the commissioners of the original piece, Corey Whitehead and Alan Durst, likened the work to a Rock/ Tango/ Aria. Transcribed for Helen Rosenblatt, flutist, of Blackledgemusic, "CT. Tango Nuevo" combines a rock rhythmic ostinato with elements of lyricism. Happily, the work has been chosen to be performed for the Celebrazioni Trentennale Della Fondazione Adkins Chiti: Donne In Musica in Rome in November, 2008. It is the only work chosen from the USA for this concert of Music of Three Americas. The rhythmic backdrop set by the guitar from the onset is one that is driving; taking advantage of the guitar's percussive abilities and nuance. I thought the alto flute would sound beautiful as it floats above the guitar in a care-free, yet lyrical melody. The development section of the piece is reminiscent of tango through the single note arpeggiated guitar accompaniment and melodic content of the alto flute. At the return of the A section, CT. Tango Nuevo drives to the end with energy and excitement.
  • duet for alto flute and guitar
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