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Fantasia (2002)

  • "Fantasia" (2002) was composed for the superb saxophonist (and clarinetist), Doug Masek. Among the many advantages of writing a work for a specific musician is that it allows the work to evolve into an extension of his or her own voice I had originally intended to write this work for saxophone, but as Doug and I worked together, it became clear that the perfect voice for this piece at that time was the clarinet. With its mood shifts, rhythmic changes, and harmonic and melodic surprises, it is a challenging and fun piece for both the clarinetist and the pianist. Too often, the piano is left as a step-child to the solo instrument. This work explores the colors of both the clarinet and piano, has jazz and Latin influences and challenges the players to listen to one another. In the spring of 2013, the wonderful alto saxophonist and DMA student at USC AND student of Doug Masek, Chika Inoue, performed the new version for alto sax with Mary Au, pianist. In 2014, the wonderful flutist, Rik Noyce, asked me to compose a version for C Flute. Rik gave the Canadian premiere in June of 2015 and has performed it numerous times in the U.S.
  • clarinet and piano
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