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Global Warming (rev 2007) for horn and piano

  • The four movements are titled: 1. Temperature Rising 2. Ice Melting 3. Spring Fever 4. Windmills This work was given its premiere under the title of "Climate Control" at The Church of The Lighted Window, La Canada, CA. In April, 2001 with Nathan Cambell, horn, and David Rubinstein, piano. Most recently as "Global Warming", it had several performances by the wonderful hornist/composer Lydia Busler-Blais from Vermont and pianist, Mary Au and will have its East Coast premiere in January, 2014 but the fabulous Susan LaFever, horn and Ron Levy, piano. Since most of my music is programmatic by nature, it seems prescient that I titled this work "Climate Control" back in 2001 at its premiere. In revising the work, I retitled it "Global Warming" for obvious reasons. The titles of the movements reflect the moods created within them as well as the foreboding of the possibilities to come. "Temperature Rising" has the horn and piano leaping in octaves to indicate the dire straights our planet is in in with global warming. "Ice Melting" conjures up the melting of the glaciers in Alaska which I have personally witnessed in the six trips I have taken north in 2005 and 2006. This second movement has a brooding, moody quality which foreshadows the calving of the glaciers, literally melting the ice and endangering the animals who thrive on its being there to navigate their landscape. "Spring Fever" is a play on the words and a work which is sprightly and springy but quirky like a child's Slinky toy. The rhythmic imbalances draw the listener to find the challenges within. In the final movement, "Windmills," the piano has a cascading motif of triplets and swirls like the wind sweeping across the desert and the plains. I love the collaboration of writing for and working with musicians. "Global Warming" addresses through music the dire situation we find ourselves in while at the same time being user friendly to both the musicians and the audience. Each of the movements may be played individually.
  • 4 movements for horn and piano
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