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Homage to B7 (2018)

  • When the wonderful pianist, Susanne Kessel, approached me to compose a short work for her extraordinary project, 250 Piano Pieces for Beethoven, I was honored and wondered what could I possibly compose that could, in any way, speak about the greatest composer of all. After several months of revisiting some of my favorite Beethoven works from the Moonlight Sonata to his last string quartets, I finally chose to compose a piano work based on the most beautiful movement of his 7th Symphony, the Allegretto, a work that brings tears to my eyes every time I hear it performed. Hence, Homage to B7. It is said that at the première of his 7th symphony, Beethoven remarked that it was one of his best works. I think most audiences would agree. Susanne Kessel has performed this work numerous times in Germany and beyond.
  • piano solo
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