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L.A. Tango Nuevo (2006)

  • "A seriously wonderful disc; excellent choice of music - including great new work by Albert..." Martin Perlich, (Author "The Art of the Interview"),former Program Director, KCSN-FM/ 88.5 Los Angeles. "My favorite on [Tangos y Serenatas] is L.A. Tango Nuevo...particularly nice for world music radio formats..." Hope Munro Smith, KFSR 90.7 FM, Fresno When Alan Durst and Corey Whitehead approached me to compose a piece for saxophone and guitar, I was thrilled to take on the challenge. As a composer, I love to collaborate with wonderful musicians as my work would never be heard without their sensibilities. Corey and Alan wanted a work that would be appealing to both audiences and musicians, and as the composer I set out to write a piece that would suit their needs. The role of a composer includes drawing musical maps, i.e. think Mapquest and how one gets from point A to point Zed with all the signs inbetween. A competent musician can follow the signs but it is the heart and soul of the great musician who decides what to do with those signs, i.e.slow down, look, listen, get out and enjoy the view. When they first read through L.A. Tango Nuevo, , Corey likened the work to a Rock/ Tango/ Aria. The work combines a rock rhythmic ostinato with elements of lyricism. The rhythmic backdrop set by the guitar from the onset is driving; taking advantage of the guitar's percussive abilities and nuance. The soprano saxophone melody floats above the guitar in a care-free, yet lyrical melody. The development section of the piece is reminiscent of tango through the single note arpeggiated guitar accompaniment and melodic content of the soprano saxophone. At the return of the A section, LA Tango Nuevo drives to the end with energy and excitment. Available on their album, Tangos y Serenatas, on Centaur. The wonderful saxophonist and guitarists, Doug Masek and Jon Ortiz, recently performed and recorded "L.A. Tango Nuevo" and it will be coming out soon. Also, a new version for soprano saxophone and piano was recently recorded by Doug Masek and Bryan Pezzone, piano. This version can be heard on my CD, "Reflections: Saxophones & Friends" which can be purchased here on my website! And a New version for Oboe and piano is now available!
  • duo for soprano sax, guitar
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