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Menage a Trio (2010)

  • 1. Seaside Sarabande 2. Lament 3. Rolling Waves "Menage a Trio" for flute, clarinet and bassoon version was premiered by Susan Greenberg, flute and alto flute, Helen Goode-Castro, clarinet/bass clarinet, and Carolyn Beck, bassoon in Santa Monica, CA on July 13, 2010 “Menage a Trio” is a work for 3 instruments that began as a series of Baroque-style Inventions. The first movement, Seaside Sarabande, is based on the Baroque fugue with the instruments joining one another in a playful dance at the seashore. The second movement, a duet, calls for the lower voices of the flute and clarinet (alto flute and bass clarinet) titled Lament to Sara (dedicated to my friend who recently passed away whose name happened to be Sara – as in Sarabande). The final movement returns to the melodic voicing of the first movement with a triplet feel describing Rolling Waves.
  • flute or oboe, clarinet, bassoon
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